How to choose the right bathroom mirror

Interior Design  /  October 29, 2019

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

You know that even if everyone remembers that phrase, in reality in the Italian version of Walt Disney’s famous film Snow White the queen uses the words “slave of my yearnings”?

You can check it if you don’t believe us. It was a shock for us too, but we watched the whole film over again and we can assure you that’s how it is. And anyway, even if the queen is wicked, we’d have to agree with her on that one.

The reflection that matters

Labelling the mirror as your “slave” might even make sense in our daily routine. Yes, because, regardless of how far the image it shows us is from a fairytale portrait, (especially first thing in the morning or after a wild night out), its sincerity always helps us improve on how we look.

If we manage to get out of the front door every morning to face the day without splodges of toothpaste on us, tufts of hair standing on end or smudgy make-up, well, our mirror has to take some of the glory too!

Since it has such an important role in our lives, we should absolutely not underestimate the importance of the choice of bathroom decor that goes with it.

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How to choose the right mirror

Finding the perfect mirror might seem like an easy job, but there really are lots of factors to consider. So you don’t feel lost and confused like in the house of mirrors at the funfair, here’s our smart advice.

  1. If you have a small bathroom and you don’t know where to put your daily grooming products, then the perfect mirror for you is a mirror cabinet, to serve as your treasure chest in your bathroom kingdom.
  2. Don’t like that option, but still need somewhere to put a few things? In this case you should look at mirrors with small shelves, that are not only practical, but will add interesting design detail too.
  3. Other factors that you should consider so you choose the right mirror for your bathroom are the size and space occupied (some are thick, others are slimline, raised or recessed.
  4. Based on your personal taste, then consider the shape and finish of the frame in which it is set.
  5. Is anything missing? Ah yes, don’t underestimate lighting either, a really important factor in seeing yourself in the right light.

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