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New stylish solutions for the 2016 design bathroom

The 2016 interior design bathroom takes inspiration from different kind of styles and looks for your natural well-being. For this purpose, it features natural materials, innovative texture, colour palette conveying serenity and relaxation.
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A bathroom in child size: functionality becomes creativity

Children really love the bathroom, provided that it is made to suit their size. Here they can play with water, the element that most suits them. So baths and washbasins become ideal places for naval battles and the toilet turns into a seat ideal for listening to stories told by their parents.
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Classical or Modern style? 5 bathroom design solutions to draw inspiration from

When talking about interior design, question is always the same: how to choose the right style? Focusing on tradition, classical and soft lines or daring with creative and newer design collections? When dealing with bathroom design, the issue becomes even more complicated. The bathroom is increasingly playing an important role in the house and achieving more and more dignity and personality, because it represents the place for the most important moments of the day: personal hygiene and relaxation. Nowadays people choose bathroom furniture with even more accuracy and attention in order to guarantee themselves a pleasant space that provides the most in terms of comfort and wellness.