Bath linens A/I 2016/17 : towels and bath sheets to furnish your bathroom

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Fabric choice when decorating is very important because it completes the style of the space and gives it a personal touch that makes it unique. Even bath linens are part of that set of details that, if done well, give a pleasant look to the room.

With bath linen sets you can have fun by changing colors and patterns each season, following the current trends for a bathroom that is always in style.

If you are looking to update your bath linens for the winter season, the moment has arrived to choose from among the gorgeous autumn/winter 2016/2017 collections offered by the most popular labels. But how can you choose from among all the colors, motifs, and the different types of fabric?

To each style its material


You can start by getting your bearings according to the style of your bathroom. For example, a retro style bathroom will be perfect with linen towels monogrammed with your initials and trimmed with fringe, like the ones your grandmothers used. Honeycomb fabric goes very well in a modern bathroom, while in a minimalist bathroom you could use fine spartan microfiber. If you have a classic bathroom, choose classic fluffy cotton sets.


Solid color or pattern?


The color choice for the set should go well with both the tiles and the bathroom furniture. If the coverings are patterned, it’s recommended to choose solid color bath linens, preferably matching the color of the tiles. If vice versa, then you can tickle your fancy with some patterns.

Decorating with bath linens


The arrangement of the linens is also important. Towel racks are truly indispensable bath accessories: the most common being the classic bar mounted on the wall or directly to the vanity, which allows you to display folded towels. Suspended radiators, sometimes called “towel warmers”, are also very practical; for an original touch, if you have the space available, lean a nice ladder against the wall and display your bath sheets in an eye catching sequence.

Generally, a bath set is composed of a wash cloth, a medium size hand towel, and a large bath towel (or a bath sheet or bathrobe, according to preference). Complete the set with some extra hand towels for guests. These guest towels can be folded, stacked, or rolled up and placed in a cute basket near the sink so that guest may help themselves as needed.

Trends for autumn / winter 2016/2017


The 2016-2017 autumn/winter collections are in the spirit of elegance and refinement, thanks to the use of natural materials, quality, and sophisticated production techniques.

Some of the biggest new offerings are Jacquard bath towels with geometric motifs, baroque floral, or Art Deco designs available in contrast colors or tone on tone, all of which are ideal for classic, elegant bathrooms.

Lovers of romantic style will be spoiled for choice between borders in macrame lace, fringe, or linen embroidered with small floral motifs.

For more subdued style, choose from the current offerings in honeycomb cotton, a technique that gives the fabric a high level of absorbency and long-lasting softness even after many washes.

For athletes and those who have little space, give the green light to microfiber: fine, ultralight towels and bathrobes in a hypoallergenic synthetic material that is highly absorbent.

Elegance and refinement also characterize the colors of the 2016/2017 collections: for warm tones the spotlight is on brown, from chocolate to ochre, and hues in the dark reds and bordeaux.

For those favoring cool tones, the spotlight is on navy blue that is given warmth and nobility from gold embellishments and borders. Finally, don’t forget about the offerings in total white, a trend that never goes out of style: suitable with any style bathroom, from minimalist to romantic, and thanks to the numerous and beautiful collections for this autumn/winter, white goes with everything and erases all doubts and indecision.

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