The bathroom in “Celebrity Big Brother” features MastellaDesign elements

Mastella  /  October 3, 2018

For the third consecutive year, Italy’s “Celebrity Big Brother” programme, which airs on Mediaset’s channels, has selected a MastellaDesign bathroom for Italy’s most famous house.

The star of the 2018 edition is the white Vov bathtub located in the centre of the bathroom.
The Vov bathtub launched the MastellaDesign brand. We are particularly thrilled that it will be seen in the homes of the programme’s many viewers during the year marking its tenth anniversary.

The bathtub is also a perk for the “Celebrity Big Brother” contestants who not long after moving into the house discovered the freestanding Vov bathtub, the ideal spot for a relaxing soak.

The “Celebrity Big Brother” bathroom also features Maxi Vov basins that rest atop our Grafite HPL Rovere Nero console, the women’s favourite spot for applying make-up and personal care.

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