On Grande Fratello relaxation is Mastella Design

Mastella  /  April 22, 2019

For the fourth year running, relaxation in the Big Brother house is by Mastella Design.

In the last Celebrity Big Brother, the white Vov bathtub was chosen for Italy’s most spied-on house. In GF16, Anahita, a large free-standing bathtub, designed by the architect Marco Baxadonne, entered the house. It boasts a revolutionary, instantly recognisable design with a spiral shape that makes it the bathroom’s star feature.

The bathtub was accompanied by two co-ordinating Vov Due sit-on washbasins, which had already appeared in earlier episodes of the reality show. These are also interior design pieces in their own right with contours resembling the perfect harmonious shape of an egg.


The Anahita bathtub’s sinuous design is not just a question of style though. It is also particularly ergonomic, perfect for creating unique moments of relaxation. It is captivating like an embrace, so who knows what encounters it will feature in during the upcoming episodes of Big Brother!

GF16 opted for the white version, but it also comes in a bicolour finish, with a Soft-Mat exterior, available in various shades. The bathtub is made using CristalPlant, an innovative and extremely resistant Solid Surface material, pleasant to touch and hygienic too, because it is so easy to clean.

These characteristics mean it may be truly put to the test by all 20 housemates in the Big Brother House, but we are sure it will retain its beauty right up to the final episode, when this year’s winner will be announced.

It is on air on Italian TV every Monday in the early evening on Canale 5, but you can also follow the action with Anahita by watching the live stream, which turns the spotlight on the House round the clock.

We’re ready! Are you?


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