Bathroom design: 4 emerging trends for 2019 seen at Cersaie

Interior Design  /  October 17, 2018

What bathroom design trends are on the horizon for 2019?
This is the question asked by anyone who’s designing a bathroom, whether a completely new one or a remodelling project. Posing this same question to experts, we discovered four bathroom design trends seen at Cersaie that are expected to take off in the next few months.

During the fair, we chatted with Carlotta, Simona, Elisabetta and Nora, four of the most influential design bloggers in Italy. We asked them what are the trends to keep an eye on, particularly for the bathroom.

1. Decorations, decorations, decorations

According to Carlotta, the woman behind the blog Un Progetto, decorations will take a leading role in 2019, a change of scene with respect to the last few years in which the spotlight was on materials. Geometric patterns, contrasting colours and vintage touches will start springing up. Decorations from the past will be reinterpreted in a contemporary light. Against this background, primary colours will be softened, becoming dusty and

2. Contrasts and combinations create original environments

Beyond the bathroom’s style, the hottest trend in 2019 will be mixing different materials in the same bathroom, according to Simona of the Beside Bathrooms blog. In fact, at Cersaie, combining various materials was clearly the in-thing. Materials that are typically seen in vastly different atmospheres were coupled to create new, original environments. For example, wood, a warm material, can be added to bathrooms with stone elements, creating a cosier feel.

3. Beyond style

Elisabetta of the Maison Lab blog also predicts that a mix-and-match style will be in-vogue, above all for bathroom decor. It won’t be unusual to find typical 1970s elements paired with Scandinavian-style details, traditional pieces in industrial contexts, and so on.
The imagination knows no limits. A  harmonious environment can be designed that offers plenty of surprises, even from a tactile perspective.
As a matter of fact, at this year’s Cersaie, new, gorgeous materials debuted that you not only want to look at but also touch. Tiles have been revolutionized, becoming three-dimensional and textured, as if they were precious weaved fabrics. This is how new furnishing styles come into being, so fresh that they haven’t yet been classified or analyzed.


Spazio Espositivo Ragno – Cersaie

4. Floral patterns

Decorative aspects are key also for Nora, who dresses houses in her Design Outfit blog. Specifically, floral patterns are all the rage on both stoneware and mosaics. In this case, desaturated colours are also popular. The subtle tones are mostly applied to dark bases to enliven the dull surface and create a slightly imperfect look, similar to cloth.

2018 Cersaie: the numbers

Cersaie, the international exhibition of ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings, wrapped up 28 September after five eventful days during which more than 112,000 attendees flooded into the Bologna exhibition centre. More than 54,000 of the attendees were international, an increase of 1.6% from 2017.
This year, the exhibition space totalled 161,000 square metres with 814 companies displaying their wares in stands.  Two of the companies, Marazzi and Ricchetti, showcased MastellaDesign bathtubs at their stands.


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