Interior perfumes: evergreen suggestions and 2016 Winter trends

Lifestyle  /  September 27, 2016

A fragrance is always the most clear memory of a particular place.
Nuances, details and tastes often fade over time, but the power of a scent experience always remains in mind.
In contrast with other human senses, neuroscience studies prove that fragrant substances have superior properties like alchemy and mysticism, which entirely influence a living experience.

A particular fragrance can effectively influence human behaviour, equilibrium and interaction with surrounding environment. As the aromatherapy philosophy explains, in its main principle, a perfume can reduce physical and mental strain, restore energy and pathological manifestations.
Olfactory perceptions reach directly the cerebral cortex without being first filtered by the thalamus, differently from the other human senses.
For this reason, the odorous particles, spread over the environment, easily reach the central nervous system through the nasal cavities, and from sensory input they become nervous input.

Using this chemical-physiological consideration as a starting point, an interior design project should accurately choice the right fragrance able to recall particular sensations and pleasant memories.

How to choose the right fragrance for your home?

Sensorial perception does not follow any objective rules, but changes according to each different person; as well as a particular perfume can evoke different sensations to different human senses.

However, some fragrances seem to be much appreciated due to their natural relaxing effect, especially if spread over the air, within a room.

Some scientific researches support this idea and drew up a list of interior perfumes for houses:

In the living room: relaxation

Lily-of-the-valley, magnolia and iris combine their floral essences with the sweet notes of vanilla. The peculiarities of these fragrances have positive effects, help you relax your nervous system and fight insomnia.

In the bathroom: a real pleasure for the senses 

Strong essences with sandalwood, lavender, neroli, pomegranate pamper body and mind, thanks to their strong and, at the same time, refined properties.

In the kitchen: energy and freshness 

Fruit and citrus essences with lemon, juniper, mint and rosemary, remove unpleasant cooking odours and give fresh and clean sensations.

In the bedroom: remedies against insomnia and anxiety 

The soft and relaxing notes of chamomile, calendula, sweet musk and melissa help you fight insomnia and sleep well.

In addition to a sensory pleasure, an attention to a detailed design, the world of air fresheners follows the trends from the world of fashion and lifestyle.

Changing fragrance according to seasons is an unwritten rule, belonging to the world of beauty and design. For example, the summer Eau de Perfume is fresh and sparkling, while the winter one is made of spicy and persistent aromas. For the most careful, you can make the right choice following not only the suggestions proposed above, but also looking to a more refined and fashionable mix of fragrances. 

Which are the 2016 Winter Trends?

Perfuming rooms with wooden and spicy essences on coldest days makes the homey atmosphere comfortable and welcoming, almost creating the warmth of a fireplace or even freshly baked cookies.  

Top notes: Cranberries, Blackcurrant, powdered Sugar, cinnamon.
Heart notes: Redcurrant, Cookies, Almonds, raspberry Biscuits.
Base notes: Vanilla.

The 2016 Winter will smell of warm gourmand essence.



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