Light coloured bathroom design: 5 finishes that won’t disappoint you

Inspirational  /  October 2, 2018

Whether it’s autumn 0r spring, light coloured bathroom design is always a great home design choice.

The advantages of light colours are multiple: they help give the impression you’re in a larger than actual space (so are particularly suitable for small bathrooms), make the room look clean and tidy, and give a special touch of style to the entire setting.

But are there any alternatives to classic white (which is always very attractive)? Of course there are! In particular, many finishes echo the lighter tones of wood, concrete and marble, so they let you warm up the setting even when the bathroom is light coloured.

Let’s look at some:

1. Frassino bianco

Frassino Bianco is the closest finish to white, but it’s characterised by the classic wood grain that gives the material a slight tone-on-tone light-dark effect.
White ash stands out both as a single furnishing colour, and when used together with other darker or lighter shades.
For example, in the composition below the ash front is combined with the dove-grey colour of the sides, that give the composition a dynamic effect and fit to perfection into a light coloured bathroom design style.

2. Rovere chiaro

Rovere chiaro is one of the most sophisticated finishes for bathroom design.
With its neutral colour, this finish lends itself well to coexist in different shades, according to your preferences.
For a soft style, we recommend combining light oak with other light tones for a minimal effect, while for a warmer effect you can think about combining white oak with tones such as beige or hazel.

3. Tranchè chiaro

The most popular finishes also include tranché, that recalls natural wood colours thanks to a production technique that maintains the original features.
Here also, many combinations are possible, and for bathroom decor we recommend combining a tranché finish with a white integrated basin countertop to highlight the colours by creating a pleasant contrast of elements and colours.


4.  Canapa

Canapa is another shade that lends itself well to light coloured bathroom design. Its ideal use is above all in soft matt finishes that stand out with their tactile effect, reminiscent of concrete and thus distanced from the wood effect.
This shade gives the setting a sober, reassuring look, that often makes combination with other colours difficult, except for very marked colours that can create a strong contrast.

5. Grafite Calacatta

Among the latest trend light finishes are also emerging those recalling marble veins, including both wood effects and the tactile effect such as the Calacatta shade, depending on your preferences. These shades let you play on a sense of movement, coming precisely from the vein contrasts that give the setting a strong personality.

So there are lots of alternatives for a light bathroom, but it’s key to remember to choose the right combinations, avoiding dubious options like combining very similar colours or completely different materials e.g. real wood surfaces with wood effect surfaces.
In addition, minimise the number of colours in the same room, as the less the room is fragmented, the larger it will look.

Which finish do you prefer?



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