7 design tips for a small bathroom

Inspirational  /  January 31, 2019

Designing a small bathroom isn’t easy. There are must-have elements, distances to factor in and needs to consider in order to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional space.
The challenge, especially when dealing with tight quarters, is managing to save space while creating a comfortable environment with a personal feel.

Here are our seven design tips for a small bathroom.

1 – Choose wall-mounted fixtures

Toilet, bidet, basin, bathtub or shower: a functional bathroom doesn’t require many elements.
In a small bathroom, large pieces that visually crowd the space should be avoided. Alternatively, wall-mounted bathroom fixtures and basins create the illusion of more space. The more flooring visible, the bigger the space appears.  

2 – Use light colours 

Pay careful attention to colour choices for your small bathroom. Dark colours could visually weigh down the space while light or cool colours tend to relax us and give the bathroom a roomier feel.

composizione Lume

3 – Opt for a clear glass shower enclosure

If you are designing a small bathroom, a clear glass shower enclosure is practically mandatory. The transparent surface cuts down on visual obstacles that make a small bathroom feel even smaller. For a narrow, long bathroom, you could also consider a walk-through shower which offers easy-access and a continuous look.

4 – The right light is essential

It’s not unusual to find small bathrooms tucked in windowless corners of the house.
In this case, consider carefully the lighting design in order to compensate for this lack of natural light.
A mirror with LED lighting is an excellent option as well as recessed lighting above the shower or bathtub.

5 – Properly utilize shelves and niches

n a small bathroom “less is more” is the rule to follow. Avoid filling the bathroom with storage units, heavy wall-mounted shelves or cumbersome elements. Instead, you can gain extra space by building recessed niches inside the walls or hanging small shelves in empty spaces. Glass shelves, in particular, add storage space without creating a cluttered feel.



6 – Don’t give up your dream bathtub

Avere un bagno piccolo non vuol dire per forza dover rinunciare al piacere di un bagno caldo in una vasca accogliente.
Ad oggi si trovano facilmente modelli di vasche da bagno dal design pulito e dalle dimensioni ridotte. L’idea in più? Posizionare la vasca sul lato corto della stanza, magari davanti alla finestra.

bagno piccolo

7 – Preferire porte scorrevoli

L’apertura della porta può impegnare spazio prezioso in un bagno di piccole dimensioni inoltre rendere ulteriormente difficoltoso muoversi all’interno dei suoi spazi. Le porte scorrevoli sono strategiche in questo senso, perché permettono di risparmiare spazio e di evitare stacchi visivi nell’ambiente.


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