Mak Mat, the matt effect trending now

Mastella  /  August 20, 2019

What is Mak Mat?

It is not a fictional character. It is not a wild animal call. This cute-sounding name refers to a mineral and acrylic resin composite material.

The special surface cover film gives it a matt finish and pleasant silky feel. It is a great material for contemporary design washbasins and bathrooms.

Besides looking fabulous it is also a great choice in terms of functionality, so let’s find out why together.

Why choose it for the bathroom?

Mak Mat offers multiple benefits.

  • Resistant. This is an excellent material for the bathroom because it is not affected by wide temperature variations, UV rays and impact damage.
  • Antibacterial. This quality makes it a great choice in one of the rooms of the home why hygiene is imperative.
  • Easy to clean. To remove limescale marks and dirt deposits on the surfaces, all you need to do is clean it with soapy water or gentle detergents, using a non-abrasive sponge.


How to repair damage

Although Mak Mat is highly resistant, certain actions may result in visible damage on the surface.

To remove scratches, small chips or stubborn stains, you can repair the surface by buffing. If the whole layer of film is not damaged, all you need to do is rub the top layer gently with detergents and a delicately abrasive sponge.

For deeper scratches or chips, you can rub the surface with ultra fine sandpaper (800-1,000 grit) until the surface is smooth.

Attention! Even if Mak Mat is outstandingly resistant, it is best not to test its properties excessively. Never use aggressive chemical products like acetone, trichloroethene, acids, paint stripper, oven cleaner and metal cleaners.

Prolonged contact with substances like ink, cosmetics and dyes may leave colour on the surface. To ensure correct maintenance, we therefore recommend cleaning this type of stain immediately without allowing it to sink in.

Cover: Goji washbasin and Yole bathtub by Mastella Design


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