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Mastella  /  May 25, 2017

When the time comes to choose home furniture, the first thing most of the people do is to look for things online. In addition to the most renown e-commerce websites for home decor and brand websites, consumers are increasingly resorting to social networks, as they can not only find products they are looking for but also other customers’ reviews.

In fact, a lot of people communicate with the brand through these channels, as they can give their opinion on the products and ask for information. At the same time, the company has the chance to communicate with the customers, to give them updates and to feed their dreams and desires thanks to the interaction and engagements potential these new channels have.

Social platforms gradually converted into a place where the actual process of buying starts: that’s the reason why to have a social presence is fundamental for brands and us at Mastella design we have decided to be there: to fully “live” this dimension allows us to get closer to our followers and to share what we do everyday, mutually exchanging content, images and experiences.

We love to receive feedbacks and opinions from followers – whether they are customers, retailers or architects: social media give us the possibility to support either people in charge with interior designers and who is going to enjoy it every day.

As a company, we feel like we have the duty – and we are pleased to – to always be there: we constantly observe what’s happening around us, to better understand how tastes and needs of people evolve trying to keep up with the times, in order to improve and always raise our standards.

And with “improvement” we mean to grow alongside people from all over the world, that’s why WE LIKE to be SOCIAL.

Here’s an overview on how we use and see different Social media.

Facebook is the preferred channel for all brands in the industry, and we mainly use it as a place to talk and engage with both prospective client and people in the business (retailers, architects and designers). Through Facebook, we can present our products form both a technical and inspirational perspective, we give designing advice following the latest trends and we offer constant support to customers interested into the product.


On Facebook, we share tutorials about our products’ best practice

We have a global approach to communication and we address our main foreign markets too, as we share our posts in Italian, English and German,

It’s interesting to notice how the use of Instagram is exponentially increasing, as it is the utmost image-cantered media and also thanks to the fact hashtag research can make the brand to be discovered by customers that don’t know it yet.

We mainly have inspirational goals, and we use this channel by communicating with both customers and influencers with specific hashtags. Our retailers extensively use Instagram too: it’s getting more and more common to them to spontueotinsly communicate with us, pointing out they are displaying our products in their showrooms.


Our dealers share brand-related content on Instagram

Even more inspirational, not only for the final consumer but especially for people in the business is Pinterest.

Differently from Instagram, which is based on the sharing of single images, Pinterest allows to categorise content following specific criteria. This media allows to gather different images with a common theme, so communications are purely directed towards the product, to projects all over the world and to events.


“Spotted:around the world” board has projects featuring our products from all over the world

Linkedin is teh social media for professionals, and it is increasingly gettin used by design brands; we mainly use it for networking with our agents and retailers, both by sharing content related to promotion of new products and information on events.

Last but not least, the Magazineyou’re reading right now is the place where we like to take a break, to talk about thing we like and also to tell s little bit about us.The four columns talk about different subjects, ranging from arts and fashion to designing advice and who we are; all of them are addressed to a heterogeneous, open community with the freedom to choose according to personal taste.


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