Materials for bathroom countertops: Three state-of-the-art solutions for a functional and stylish room

Interior Design  /  June 1, 2018

Which material should you choose for your bathroom countertop? This question is often raised when a home is being furnished or remodelled.
In fact, the bathroom’s purpose has changed over the last few years. Once serving a basic role, the bathroom is now a space for pampering, wellness and personal care in the broadest sense. Consequently, more attention is being paid to stylishly furnishing the bathroom.

Thus, the materials need to meet both practical and aesthetic needs. Fortunately, there’s a growing, diverse selection of high-tech materials in a variety of shapes and styles.

With this in mind, here’s a brief guide to the cutting-edge materials for bathroom countertops and furniture.


Fenix® – the perfect solution for bathroom countertops and furniture

Fenix® is a material that combines beauty and high-technology due to processing that makes the material anti-fingerprint, soft to the touch, opaque and resistant. The material is suitable both for bathroom furniture and countertops.
If you think that your bathroom furnishings could risk being scratched or knocked, Fenix® is the ideal material since it is resistant and easy to clean as well as stylish.
In addition, Fenix® is available in many colours, including the new shades of Castoro, Grigio Londra, Grigio Bromo and Nero Ingo, for a truly chic bathroom decor.

Fenix® main features:

  • high-tech material
  • anti-fingerprint
  • soft touch
  • water-repellent
  • easy to clean


Materiali mobile bagno_FenixMateriali Top Lavabo_Fenix


HPL (high pressure laminate) (Graphite) – the ideal choice for resistance and versatility

HPL (Graphite) is moisture resistant and comes in styles that resemble stone, concrete, marble and wood. HPL’s versatility makes it an optimal choice both for customers who desire a minimal look and those who want to jazz up the bathroom.
An excellent material for the basin countertop as well as the units’ doors, HPL creates a unified look in the bathroom.
Just like Fenix, HPL (Graphite) is resistant to scratches, impact and heat. In addition, the material’s smooth surface limits dirt accumulation for easy cleaning.

HPL (Graphite) main features:

  • resistant
  • waterproof
  • textured look
  • hygienic
  • easy to clean


Materiali Top Lavabo_HPLMateriali top bagno_hplMateriali Mobile bagno_HPL Materiali Top Lavabo_HPL

LAMINAM® Gres – Ceramic’s strength meets marble’s beauty

Laminam® Gres is a laminated ceramic material that is highly hygienic and resistant while offering a natural yet sophisticated look.
Laminam® Gres comes in large sizes and is relatively thin and light. This scratch-resistant material is highly durable, versatile and easy to clean.
We have added this year a veined marble finish, available also in high-gloss, for a unique touch of style.

Laminam® Gres main features:

  • resistant to fungi, mould, stains, detergents, scratches and abrasion
  • hygienic
  • low maintenance and easy cleaning
  • compact surface
  • no surface porosity


Materiali Top Lavabo_Laminam Gres Materiali Top Lavabo_Laminam Gres


These cutting-edge materials combine resistance, beauty and versatility guaranteeing the long-term durability of the bathroom countertop and unit.
All you need to do now is choose a style from the many available, from stone to wood to marble. And if you are hunting for some summer bathroom decorating ideas, here is some advice!


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