Smart.46, the new Mastella solution for a small bathroom

Mastella  /  May 22, 2019

Do you have a small bathroom and don’t know how to choose the right furniture to make the most of your space? Smart.46 is the new Mastella collection especially designed to make the best use of every available centimetre. Does that seem impossible to you? Let’s discover the hidden secret that makes these bathroom units so functional!

More space in just 46 cm depth

The new Mastella collection was born of the need to create bathroom furniture for people with very limited available space. This led to the idea of designing a spacious bathroom unit but just 46 cm deep: that explains the name Smart.46!

It may seem like a paradox, but after a lengthy study, we really did manage to create a smaller, yet more spacious bathroom unit.

A more precise example? A bathroom unit in this collection with width 120 cm and height 60 cm has two drawers with the storage space of 4 suitcases, with 172 L capacity.

All this is possible because we have introduced the innovative ultra-flat space-saving trap (just 30mm deep!). We designed this solution to ensure that the remaining space behind the drawer and the wall was reduced to a minimum.

This can be used for both tall and short filter taps, thanks to the double version of the top drawer divider.


The other new features of Smart.46 bathroom units

Smart.46 is not just about functionality and optimising spaces, but also attention to style. This new collection also led to the introduction of new materials, finishes and complementary accessories, for a look that is on trend and full of personality.

With the various Wood-Color, Soft-Mat and Grafite-HPL materials, the various handle and wall unit choices and all the options for washbasins and integrated pieces, you can plan every detail of your bathroom exactly how you want it. Soon we will give you more information on our brand-new counter tops with coloured washbasins so keep following us!

Discover all 14 compositions in the catalogue now! You can find all the collection news on the Smart.46  page on our website.

Do you have a small bathroom and want to design the whole space perfectly?

Contact us and together we’ll find the best solution for you!


Cover: Mastella bathroom unit – Smart.46 Collection – Composition 13


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