The importance of a capacious bathroom unit

Lifestyle  /  April 30, 2019

How many times have you found yourself standing between the shower and the washbasin clutching some new bottle and thought, “and now where can I put this?”. Of all the rooms in the home, the bathroom is one of the hardest to keep tidy. There are so many products, what with toiletries and make up, and there never seems to be enough space for them all.

The solution to this problem lies right there, in the smartest choice of bathroom furniture for a tidy bathroom all the time. That way, the life-changing magic of tidying-up, glorified by the now world-famous Marie Kondo, can actually happen.


How to choose a capacious bathroom unit

Bathroom drawers are without a doubt one of the most indispensable elements in managing to create this tidy-up magic. If you are looking for new bathroom furniture, we recommend that you don’t just look at the design, material and colour, but also (and most importantly!), the space inside.

You can have a capacious bathroom unit even if your bathroom is quite small. All you need to do is to select the most efficient combination of the various modules to suit your needs and keep some important details in mind.

You may never have noticed before, but the top drawer of modular bathroom units is shaped to fit around the sink trap, as you can see in the photo above.

For its smaller bathroom units, like the ones in the Duetto Collection, Mastella designed an innovative space-saver trap, which maximises every available centimetre in the top drawer. Don’t overlook this detail so you can maximise use of the most compact storage spaces!


The Kami collection also works particularly well in small bathrooms, because its extreme modularity allows infinite possibilities while maintaining the shaped drawer interior. Composition 08 is an excellent example of the importance of other details that should not be underestimated, like drawer dividers.


At Mastella we always focus on smaller bathrooms and their need for smart storage space. This May will see the launch of the new Smart46 collection, especially designed to optimise the space inside units that are just 46 cm deep! How? Here is a short preview below: keep reading our blog or come and see it for yourself at our dealers!

The benefits of a mirror cabinet

We said that tidiness is achieved by maximising use of all available space, so don’t underestimate the potential of a mirror cabinet in the bathroom.

Composition 09 in the Kami collection offers a practical and high impact solution. The Lumus-In recessed mirror in Timo Mat has an integrated light, so it is even easier for you to find what you need, at any time of day or night.


Do you want an organised bathroom?

Contact us and together we’ll find a solution that meets your needs perfectly!


Cover: Detail of Mastella’s Kami 03 collection – with Gim wooden drawer dividers in ebony colour


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