The beach house bathroom in glass and natural shades

Inspirational  /  April 11, 2019

The bathroom is a fundamental environment in the beach house, as much as it is in our everyday home. It is not just a service room, it is an actual relaxation and wellness zone, so it must be furnished with this goal in mind.

We’ve already dealt with furnishing a beach house in these pages, but today we are focusing on a specific style instead, a harmonious combination of glass, natural shades and white with minimal, elegant style.

Luxury Villa Ramirez Canyon Malibu (CA)

A dream project

We found our inspiration on the sunny California coast, and more precisely in exclusive Malibu.

Villa Ramirez, designed by Mariapaola Miele, is a simply and elegantly furnished home, where the material texture of wood and light natural shades dominate. The colours and finishes throughout the communal and private spaces are the leitmotiv linking every environment.

bagno della casa al mare padronale - vasca doccia e mobile con doppio lavabo


The main bathroom

A glass shower enclosure, feature bathtub and suspended unit with twin washbasins. The organisation of space and choice of fittings create the visual effect of making the room seem even larger, in its clever use of reflections between the large window and front-facing mirror.

The key piece in the room is the Vov bathtub, whose elegant, original shape echoes the sinuous paths in the garden, clearly visible from the window.

A perfect match is created between the Kami collection unit with Grafite Line Gray console, and the Goji washbasins, picking out the shades used for the floor and bathtub.

The “small” beach house bathroom

The smaller-sized bathroom also has a bathtub and his & hers washbasins.

The Betty Mastella Design bathtub is positioned under the window: this efficient use of space also allows whoever uses the bathtub to enjoy the natural light and splendid view over the California hills.

The unit here was again selected from the Kami collection, in Grafite Olmo with twin sit-on washbasins and a wide mirror, as seen in the cover photo.

bagno della casa al mare con doccia e vasca

Why choose white and natural shades for the beach house bathroom?

The instant response is that this combination of shades suits any interior design style and makes the room feel effortlessly warm, inviting and elegant.

The added effect in the beach house comes from combining glass, which brings light to the whole interior design, with clever use of mirrors, positioned to reflect natural light perfectly.


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