Check out the 2019 bathroom design trends

Interior Design  /  January 25, 2019

The new year has just begun so it’s the perfect time to reflect on the bathroom design trends for 2019.

What type of wall covering should you choose? What types of bathroom fixtures are the most fashionable? Which finishes are the most stylish?
Questions abound for those who are preparing to remodel a bathroom or adding a new one, but the basic requirements remain the same: everyone wants a bathroom that meets today’s needs. Above all, there’s the necessity to design bathrooms for tight quarters and create a space that’s ideal for unwinding and fully rejuvenating.

With that in mind, we present our list of 2019 bathroom design trends.

1 – Tiles are in again

For years, classic bathroom tiles were considered passé. But this material is now making a comeback. In fact, the most traditional shape — small and rectangular — is leading the way. Flipping through the pages of design magazines, you can’t help but come across articles featuring tiles that resemble those seen in the underground, especially in light colours with contrasting grout. In addition, tiles have gone 3D. The latest rage is covering surfaces with this alluring sculptured texture.

2 – Rediscovering pastels

Recently, the popular bathroom colours have been shades of grey, particularly dove grey, but times are a changin’, albeit slowly. Pastels are back in style, both for resin wall finishes and wall coverings. To add a bit of character to the look, the trend is to pair these shades with contrasting dark elements, from the grout to the faucets to the bathroom fixtures.

3 – Decorations and wallpaper

Wallpaper in the bathroom? It’s no longer such a crazy idea but one of the hottest new trends.
And the decorative options are increasingly up-to-date, ranging from geometric shapes to floral prints, textured varieties to vintage looks. And to further convince you of this trend’s validity, the choices include waterproof and mould-resistant

4 – A good soak even in small bathrooms

Whoever said that bathtubs are only for large bathrooms? Even if you live in a small house, you should be able to enjoy a hot bath in the evening. Now it’s possible since smaller bathtubs are available that fit perfectly in tight spaces. Freestanding tubs are definitely in vogue right now. This type doesn’t even need to be attached to a wall and becomes the room’s focal point.

5 – Minimal bathroom fixtures

Bathroom fixtures with clean lines aren’t simply a trend but a style that’s here to stay. In 2019, bathrooms will continue to hold dear this minimal look. Vessel basins and wall-mounted fixtures are the latest thing, definitely eye-pleasers which combine form and function. No matter if the fixtures are in stone or ceramic, what’s important is that they’re easy to clean.


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