Bathroom tiles: the aspects to consider when choosing tiles

Lifestyle  /  July 26, 2018

Tiles are one of typical materials used in bathrooms. Whether white, coloured or with geometric or floral designs, tiles help define the bathroom’s style and can be used on both the floors and walls.
When choosing tiles, you need to take into account both form and function, as well as leaving open the possibility to decorate the bathroom in a certain style.

There are many solutions. You can design a bathroom that maintains the overall look of the house or goes in a completely different direction, creating a unique, original space.
Let’s check out the characteristics to take into consideration when choosing tiles.


Ceramic tiles are often used in bathrooms due to their high resistance to external factors, such as water, steam and scratches.
In addition, they’re easy to clean and the decorative choices are plentiful, ranging from a single colour to geometric or floral designs.
Another popular option is porcelain gres, a highly resistant material well suited for any type of bathroom.
In any case, whatever material you choose to buy, make sure that it offers these characteristics:

  • Durability
  • Slip resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Easy to clean



Various sizes of tiles are available. Their use – whether for the floors, walls or shower – will often determine the size selected.
For the floors, in fact, large tiles are recommended. For the walls, smaller tiles are the best choice. In this way, a separation is created between the two contexts while maintaining, however, consistency and harmony in the style and colours. You can even use contrasting colours.
In turn, mosaic tiles are an attractive choice for the shower, adding a luminous touch to the space.



When choosing colours, you can select those that match the rest of the house so that the look doesn’t contrast with its surroundings. On the other hand, you can also do the exact opposite, creating a bathroom with its own independent personality.
Whatever colours you choose, consider alternating between one or two main colours or play with tone-on-tone colours. Pick light colours for small spaces and black for an elegant effect.
For large bathrooms, brightly coloured or decorative tiles are an excellent choice to reduce the nondescript feel.


Once you’ve selected tiles, the next step is to decorate the rest of the bathroom in light of the chosen shades and types of tiles so you can create a harmonious, well-coordinated look.
Are you ready?

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