Floral home decor: 5 right plants for your bathroom

Inspirational  /  August 30, 2018

Placing a plant in the bathroom is a quick and easy way to make the setting more personal, exotic and stylish. Plants in fact have a great ability to create atmosphere even in settings that could seem cold or minimal, transforming the room with very little and giving the impression of expanding the space.

In addition, their green colour has a beneficial influence on mood, helping us to be more relaxed and optimistic.

Succulents, orchids and lush leaved plants: each tells its own story and matches personal taste, but it is key to remember that every plant needs different conditions in terms of light and temperature, and the best choice for the bathroom is definitely plants that cope well with moisture.
Let’s look at some of them together.

Let’s look at some of them together.


The Kalanchoe is a succulent from Madagascar that produces flowers of different colours during the flowering period: red, pink, yellow, orange and white.
In addition to its aesthetics, it can be a suitable choice as it is a particularly robust plant that needs little water, so is not very demanding.



Ferns are plants that thrive in moist places. Unlike other types of plants they have no flowers but are well-liked for the elegance of their leaves and shape so they are also much used for bathroom decor.
They prefer to face north or east and should not be over-watered.



The ficus is a tropical plant and therefore needs moisture, so the bathroom is its ideal room. But pay attention that the temperature does not exceed 22 degrees otherwise there is the risk that the ficus will wilt, and it is also a good idea to spray the leaves.
In particular there is also the Ficus Pumila, an evergreen climbing shrub with small leaves, that is especially suitable for hanging pots.



There are various species of orchid but almost all have simple, long and flat leaves that produce beautiful flowers.
Precisely these colourful flowers, that are also very long-lived, make the orchid a favourite plant for home decor and interior design, bathroom decor included.
You need to remember to water them once or twice a week with room temperature and above all chlorine-free water.


The cactus is a suitable plant for warm settings and has been particularly in vogue in recent years. Along with the other succulents of this species, it is a great choice for bathroom decor and home decor in general as it requires no special care to grow and bear flowers.

So plants are becoming fundamental features for bathroom decor and can be placed in pots on the floor or on shelves, or may be hung from the ceiling, according to the setting you have available.


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