A bathtub paired with a bookcase: the perfect place to relax

Mastella  /  August 27, 2019

We’ve said this quite often before: the bathroom is one of the most frequently-used rooms in the home and has been integrating various functions – which do not just concern daily hygiene but are also designed for relaxation – for a while now.

Bathroom furniture for the space of your soul

This is the room where you can dedicate some time entirely to yourself, where looking in the mirror even becomes an opportunity to explore the depths of your soul. Here you can pamper yourself on those stressful days and benefit from a pleasant haven where you are safe from all the outdoor hassle. This is where you can wash away every trace of even the worst of days and come out feeling renewed and relaxed.

To make all this possible though you will need to have the right bathroom furniture including multifunctional cabinets and furnishings with various functions depending on your requirements.

In this room, that we have elsewhere already called – together with the Cù Design architecture studio – a space for the soul, a piece of furniture that is traditionally found in other rooms such as the living room or bedroom feels just at home here too: we are talking about the idea of adding a bookcase to the bathroom!

In fact, who doesn’t enjoy a good read in the bathroom? And, if you pair this with a relaxing hot bath, you’ll never look back!

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The advantages of having a bookcase in the bathroom

If you like the idea of having a bookcase in your bathroom you can make your wish come true with a bathtub specifically designed for this purpose: an ideal way to pair design with functionality!

A bookcase is a charming asset for any home, it adds warmth and personalised meaning to a room and always says something about its owner. Aesthetics blend with a more emotional quality to perfectly complement the atmosphere of this “space for the soul”.

All this is not at the expense of functionality though! These practical shelves can also be used for your towels, your favourite body care products and anything else you may need, creating your ideal relaxation space.

Kelly Book’s characteristics

Kelly Book is the bathtub by Mastella Design specifically designed to be used as a bookcase as well. An evolved version of the Kelly bathtub, it boasts elegant forms and materials. The bathtub’s shell is in Mak Mat, a matt-effect material that is pleasant to touch and which we have already talked about in the magazine.

The bookcase that surrounds it can be made of wood or have matt, gloss or pearl lacquered finishes. That’s because every detail must be a way of expressing your personality!


Do you want to discover all the finishes available for Kelly Book? Contact us for more info!


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