How do you choose a washbasin for the bathroom?

Interior Design  /  August 6, 2019

Sit-on, integrated, semi-recessed, freestanding…how do you choose the right washbasin for your bathroom from all the possible options?

It’s a question that should not be underestimated because it is a truly essential element in one of the most important rooms in the home. We could consider it the focus of the bathroom decor, the central point around which all the other elements are then added, like units, shelves and mirrors.

If you don’t know where to start with designing your next bathroom, you’re in the right place to get some clear ideas. With our advice, you’re sure to find the right washbasin!

A washbasin for every need


1. Freestanding washbasin

If you are after original ideas for bathroom decor with design features of outstanding beauty, then a freestanding washbasin like Kalla by Mastella Design is for you. It is made of CristalPlant and has a distinctive soft, elegant design, inspired by the flower from which it takes its name.

This product, designed by Oriano Favaretto, was created to be positioned next to the wall, allowing for the plumbing to be set inside the wall (this is also something to take into consideration!).

If you prefer a more regular design, but you like the idea of a freestanding washbasin, the Mastella catalogue contains other interesting ideas, like Kon or Body, available in both white and bicolour versions.


2. Sit-on washbasin

A sit-on washbasin can be also be a prominent feature in the bathroom, despite occupying smaller spaces (proven by Kalla Short, the sit-on version of Kalla). In this case creativity knows no boundaries, and you can create the co-ordinated arrangements that you like best from the various washbasin shapes and materials and the finish of the countertop it sits on.

A product with unquestionably distinctive original looks is Sasso by Mastella Design, the iconic washbasin unquestionably designed by Christian Piccolo, available in both CristalPlant, and in a black or white version. The catalogue contains a wide variety of more minimal designs with different widths and squared or rounded forms. To discover the Mastella Design washbasin range, click here!


3. Semi-recessed washbasin

Do you like the idea of a sit-on washbasin, but want a deeper bowl while retaining an effect of lightness? There is no doubt here either, you should consider semi-recessed washbasins, like Aloe in Composition 6 of Smart.46, the latest collection created by Mastella. Discover many more on our website: click here to discover them all!


4. Integrated basin

The semi-recessed basin can be lowered even further to achieve a washbasin fully integrated with the top of the unit. This is the most traditional option, which reduces the washbasin’s visual impact in the bathroom decor arrangement. It is a simple and functional solution (above all for ease of cleaning), which can still however create real impact depending on the choice of finish.

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