Interior design or the design of the interior? Architecture meets psychology

Lifestyle  /  June 11, 2019

What is the relationship between architecture and psychology? There are numerous studies showing how closely linked these two disciplines are.

Yes, because when we talk about interior design, the matter inevitably touches on what we could define as the design of the interior. That realisation gave birth to the interesting Interior-D project, created by Treviso architectural design studio CÙ Design.

The idea behind it is that in designing an intimate, private space like a home, the way we live represents our individual state of mind. So, interior design can literally be considered the projection of what is inside us.


The Interior-D method

The Interior-D method aims to provide not only aesthetic comfort, but also moral and social comfort, where the home becomes a place of real well-being. In what is nowadays such a fluid setting, consisting of extended families and new relationship scenarios, every space in the home is attributed particular significance, the comprehension of which forms the foundation of every architectural project.

As you can read on the website of Cù Design, who created the method, this is “an innovative and profound approach to design rooted in psychology and the client’s real desires”.

There are 4 steps to the process:

  1. listening to life experiences;
  2. step-by-step design;
  3. construction of something new, enhancing what already exists;
  4. turning desire into reality.

The Studio is also organising a series of talks entitled Casa Diffusa, dedicated to closely examining the possibilities of this approach for the various rooms of living spaces. The location for the encounter Il Bagno, lo spazio dell’anima: architetto e psicologo a confront (The bathroom, the space of the soul: architect meets psychologist) could only be Showroom MastellaDesign in Piazza S. Maria dei Battuti 31a Treviso.

For us at Mastella it was a natural choice to host the event because this is a method that totally aligns with our way of designing a bathroom, with Collections that are always modular, fitting around personal requirements and tastes.

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