Mastella and the R&D department

Mastella  /  August 3, 2017

Technological innovation and product quality are key to achieving results in an increasingly competitive global marketplace; experimenting with innovative solutions, anticipating needs and trends, combining creativity and skills: these are the keys to the success of Mastella products.

To achieve this goal, the company has invested many resources in the Research and Development Department, which is the heart of our business.

Thanks to the synergy between various professionals, such as architects and designers, production department technicians, marketing and communications professionals, stylists, photographers and graphic designers, the company is able to present itself on the market with a range of high quality products, combined with an aesthetic that is elegant and minimalist.

Design is the most important activity of R&D. We here at Mastella stand behind every design choice with our main goal: to combine Made in Italy aesthetics and design with technology and functionality.

The projects proposed by architects and designers who collaborate with the company are scrupulously screened and, once approved, they move on to the development phase by means of the evaluation of the various technical aspects that are related to production. The designers work in teams with technicians, taking on the various preliminary phases until the actual production: transferring the sketch into electronic form, 3D model creation, prototyping, putting it into production and quality control.

Occasionally we rely on the support of external collaborations, but very often our projects are hatched internally by the creative team of Antonio Mastella or the R&D staff. The inspiration that gives rise to a project may sometimes come from external cues, from particular feelings or suggestions we get from our customers.

Feeling the emotions, breathing them, helping them to grow until making them real: this is the engine that drives us and inspires us day after day.


Kami Collection, Mastella: Project Sketch

R&D plays a key role in monitoring industry trends, in order to propose products that are always at the forefront: expert in anticipating public inclinations, the department identifies the trends to follow, while technicians who are engaged in researching new materials provide assessments on how to use them.

R&D also deals with image, an aspect to which we at Mastella pay particular attention. If we anticipate participating in fairs and shows in the industry, the department is involved in studying and designing the stand with the collaboration of an art director, a photographer and a stylist. At the same time, and always with our supervision, the team studies, designs and develops the Mastella and Mastella Design paper catalogs, from styling photo sets to graphics, from page layout to printing.


Tender Collection, Mastella: catalog styling

Devising, designing, and producing: the fundamental phases of creating a product have assumed greater importance over time, speeding up to such a degree as to intensify the pace at which we present new collections. The market is always more demanding and requires constant updates and new products; that’s why a company like Mastella has to have an organized and efficient R&D division.

Giving value to ideas is our daily mission.


Cristina Mastella



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