Mastella products at Fuorisalone in the new Voghera 11 space

Mastella  /  April 15, 2019

Every year, as usual, spring in Milan is the season in which design comes into bloom, with all the news and events including Salone del Mobile and FuorisaloneMastella Design would never miss this event!

The Vov and For You bathtubs, combined with Body and Dukas washbasins, were among the items selected for display in the brand new Voghera 11 space in the bustling Tortona district of Milan, inaugurated during Milan Design Week.

Don’t call it a showroom: the project’s creators, Luca Vacilotto and Claudio Disigrini, are keen to define it as an “ArchitecturalMaterials Library”. They want it to be a space where designers, architects and private clients can draw inspiration from various elements to help envisage infinite, absolutely personal custom projects.

The original, unconventional Mastella designs on display here provide the perfect inspiration. They are also products that mesh perfectly with this interior design project because of the quality and variety of materials used.


Bathtubs and washbasins at  Fuorisalone

When you enter the new Voghera 11 space, the first products you spot are the two Mastella Design bathtubs, Vov and For You The first, designed by Oriano Favaretto, has a very distinctive egg-shaped design and is a now a celebrity in its own right after featuring in various episodes of Grande Fratello. The second is another more regular-shaped free-standing bathtub, with more slender thicknesses, for a form boasting unrivalled lightness.

Raising your eyes slightly, your gaze falls on the Body and Dukas washbasins, designed to be paired with the two bathtubs. The first is a free-standing washbasin whose design recalls the half-egg shape, like the Vov bathtub. The second is instead a semi-recessed washbasin, which co-ordinates perfectly with the minimal design of the For You bathtub.

The Fuorisalone week is the perfect chance to seek ideas for new designs, but the Voghera 11 showroom (or rather, Materials Library!) is the right place to find inspiration all year round.


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