New ideas for the Smart.46 collection by Mastella

Mastella  /  September 17, 2019

Have you heard of the new Smart.46 collection by Mastella? If you’re interested in the latest bathroom decor trends, you’ll definitely find some interesting ideas among the new finishes and details we’ve introduced. Let’s find out more together!

Why have a new bathroom furniture collection?

At Mastella we always make sure we keep up with new trends and sometimes, without being too boastful, we enjoy pushing the boundaries enough to pave the way for brand new, unexpected solutions. That’s what we did with Smart.46.

Everything started with a challenge: managing to create compact furniture that still offers plenty of storage space. So, after numerous detailed studies, we managed to create units that are just 46 cm deep with drawer capacity equalling four carry-on trolley suitcases.

How did we manage it? With an innovative ultra-flat space-saving trap: we’ve already mentioned it in our magazine and you can read all about it here.

New finishes

This collection is not just about functional appeal, it also offers a stunning range of new materials, details and finishes added to the Mastella product range for the first time. Let’s take a look together.

New materials

Let’s start with materials. The new washbasins in Deimos, a Solid Surface with homogenous colour throughout its thickness, are all about original design and distinctive quality. Two new shades, Lava and Fango, have been introduced for a modern look that is never too ordinary.


New details

Another new idea for the new Smart.46 Collection is the Kuk recessed handle, for the clean, minimal design that is trending right now. No detail is ever left to chance, so we have coordinated wall units with the drawers, creating this handle in a vertical version too. You can also customize your units with two variations,Titanio or Moka.


The Moka finish is available for other accessories in the Collection, like the Hola Wall Unit in aluminium. This is a small wall unit, very useful for storing everything you need for your personal care routine.


The Titanio finish is available in the Gina aluminium handle, another new idea introduced with the Smart.46 Collection.


Both the Titanio and Moka finishes are available for the brand new Rock towel holder which you can see in Composition 05 on the cover. It’s an accessory with a fresh new look compared to the previous Mastella products. Made entirely of aluminium, with squared design and generous width, it is the ultimate finishing touch for a minimal, modern effect.

Already in love with the Smart.46 Collection?

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