New Lume collection: a new way conceive the bathroom

Interior Design  /  September 19, 2017

A contemporary design with distinctive features in which evolution materialises by combining functionality, innovative shapes and textures, enabling you to customise the bathroom with a unique style, always guaranteeing durability and the typical qualities of Mastella products: it’s Lume, a collection of vanities in which color, wood, material finishes and floral decorations – in 26 different and interchangeable models – come together and intertwine in multiple combinations to give life to a vanity with dimensions that are predefined, restrained and especially ideal for confined spaces.

A new vision of the most intimate space in the home: open compartments

Multiple possibilities in the choice of colors and combination of materials for all styles: that’s what sets Lume apart!

The most recurring and distinctive element of the collection is the open compartment: the real focal point of the vanity, it can be illuminated thanks to an integrated system that gives charm and atmosphere to the surrounding area.


The open compartment equipped with integrated lighting

To respond to a minimal style, the open compartment can take on the same finish as the vanity; for those who dare to give their bathroom a gritty and energetic character this element can also be differentiated with distinctive finishes from a broad selection of samples.


The pleasant contrast between the vanity’s wood finish and the vibrant colour of the open compartment

Not only base but also the storage columns and mirrors are customizable. The former can be partially closed and somewhat open, so as to offer all the charm of the visible items but also the privacy necessary to store the toiletries; at the same time, it is possible to choose colours for the internal dividers that are different from the exterior.

Mirrors also meet different needs and tastes: they can be simple, wall-hung and equipped with discrete LED back-lighting, embellished with a decorative frame or fitted with a storage compartment and a practical open shelf.


From the left: Mirror with LED back-lighting and storage column with an open compartment, Mirror with decorative frame and partially open storage column, Medicine cabinet mirror with open shelf.

Aesthetics and technology

Lume is the result of an innovative design process, able to combine not only aesthetics and functionality, but also tradition and contemporaneity: for the first time the collection proposes the insertion of vessel or drop-in sanitary ceramic sinks in the integrated versions – with a deep tub and a counter on both sides – with the counter top in the same finish as the vanity.

All of the solutions offer a space-saving siphon, so as to further optimize the internal organization of the vanity.


Three sink versions in a single collection: built-in, vessel or drop-in

For a distinctly minimalist effect, the vanity can be wall-mounted and equipped with handleless push-pull opening drawers, all paired with a steel towel holder that seamlessly wraps around for a strong aesthetic impact. For lovers of a more classic style, the vanity can instead sit on the floor, thanks to the support of lightweight steel brackets: the goal is to meet every design need.


Wall-mounted vanity with push-pull opening and distinctive steel towel holder


The helpful steel bracket for sitting on the floor

With its many color variations and finishes, the virtually infinite combination of possibilities and shortened delivery times, Lume really allows you custom furnish your bathroom!


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