The latest bathroom trends from Cersaie

Mastella  /  October 1, 2019

Have you already discovered all the bathroom decor trends for 2020?

Walking around the stands at the recent Cersaie exhibition, it was immediately apparent that the keyword is colour. Interpreting this trend could however take you in two opposite directions, from a minimal design perspective to a more neoclassical style.

Let’s take a closer look at these two trends.

Contemporary colours and patterns

Among the minimal, contemporary ideas the most prevalent was Cementine tiles, whose look hinges totally on geometric patterns, almost kaleidoscopic in some cases, which make a very striking statement.

More minimal or distinctly more complex designs can be achieved with tiny mosaic tiles, which are also a splendid addition to more modern bathrooms.

if you’ve chosen this type of finish for the walls in your next bathroom, the best thing to do to avoid an excessive effect is to finish the bathroom with extremely minimal decor elements, like a totally white, generously-sized bath (you can find plenty of ideas in the Mastella Design catalogue).

Are you more of a minimalism purist? Don’t worry, you can breathe a sigh of relief, because large monochrome tiles are still an absolutely solid trend, like the ones Ricchetti Ceramics Group paired with our For You bathtub at the industry’s most important event.

Our iconic Vov White bathtub also made an appearance at Cersaie, selected by Marazzi Group to feature in their showroom design.


Neoclassical marble

Just can’t see yourself in the first trend? Then you’ll like our bathroom decor ideas in a more neoclassical style. This extremely elegant look is created with a clever use of marble, but also wallpaper with baroque textures.

The current trend is to tone down the excessively extravagant effect slightly by playing around with the use of bright colours or patterns that are anything but plain. With walls like that, the wow effect is guaranteed!


Have these new trends aroused your curiosity?

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