Autumn in the home, the shades of the changing season

Interior Design  /  October 8, 2019

The colour of the leaves on the trees turn to warm colours and culinary delights such as pumpkin, chestnuts and mushrooms begin to make an appearance. The little pleasures of the middle season are now here, and it is time to bring autumn into the home.

If in spring you decorated your rooms with so-called feminine tones, in summer you dabbled with brighter colours like yellow or blue and you know that in the coming winter you’ll be focussing on Christmas decorations, this is the right moment for warm colours.

From chestnut browns to russet tones, passing through shades of orange, to add an autumnal feel to your furnishing style all you have to do is take your inspiration from the shades that nature lays before you at this magical time of year.

So, let’s take a tour of the home and see how we can give it an autumnal feel.

The bedroom

You can easily adapt the look of your bedrooms to reflect the changing seasons. Since the bed is always the main feature in the room, all you need to do is pick themed bedlinen to refresh the look of the whole room.


The living area

Soft furnishings are an element of the living area that need some attention (and not only there!). Cushions and rugs in the right shades are just the thing to coordinate your interior decor with the shades you can find outside of your home.


If you’re looking to make a more marked difference, but without any drastic changes, you could add open shelving units or small bookcases with wooden elements, to display some colour-coordinated accent pieces.


The bathroom

And what about the bathroom? You can add a hint of autumn in here too with a few simple notions. For example, just add a linen basket with a design like intricately woven tree branches. Here too, it is a great idea to lay a lovely coordinated rug and use towels that pick out the right tones.

Are you ready to take things a step further? There’ll be guaranteed wow factor if you paint the wall a lovely brick red colour.


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