Natural ideas for a scented home in Autumn

Lifestyle  /  October 15, 2019

In the spring and summer, you can air your home easily but when autumn arrives, bringing with it the first cold snap and damp in the air, you absolutely must find a way to stop unpleasant odours from developing.

There is a whole range of products to suit everyone’s tastes in the shops, but you can also try to scent your home with natural solutions. There’s no need to mess around with a complicated recipe. All you need to do is follow a few simple tips.

Citrus peel and potpourri

If you love oranges and mandarins, don’t throw away the peel! You can actually use citrus peel to fragrance your home in lots of different ways.

The simplest and most classic way is of course simply leaving the bits of peel near a heat source, like radiators, so they can release their full aroma. Not only that, but once they have dried out, you can also add them to your potpourri. Amidst autumnal colours and scents, they’ll also make a splendid decoration in all the rooms of your home, from the living area to the bedrooms and bathroom.

Here in particular, a few bowls with dried flower arrangements and essential oils, perhaps with added candles of different shapes and sizes don’t just create a lovely room fragrance, they’re also great at creating a perfect relaxing atmosphere. Depending on your bathroom layout, you can place these elements on the top by the washbasin, in open shelving or on the edge of the bathtub, where you can withdraw and enjoy a few precious moments of total peace at the end of even the most hectic days.

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Aromatic plants for a scented home

Another interesting solution for a scented home with natural ideas is to exploit the scent of aromatic plants.

You can place little pots of rosemary, but also oregano or mint in all the rooms. This idea has an incredible visual effect (in the past, for example, we already talked about the best plants to decorate the bathroom with), but requires a little more patience and we only recommend this if you’ve got green fingers!