Five ideas for designing a unique bathroom

Inspirational  /  November 9, 2018

Before you embark on designing the bathroom of your dreams, you must have a clear idea of the style that you fancy.
This is a space that is no longer purely functional but has become a sort of sanctuary for wellness, privacy and personal care. Thus, it’s important to feel completely comfortable.

Those who adore relaxing in the bathroom will want to have a huge bathtub. Those who can’t spend enough time pampering in front of the mirror will want it to be well-lit with an accompanying large countertop. Those who have every last cream and make-up product available will want to have shelves and drawers for tucking them all away.

Here are five ideas for designing a unique bathroom.

1- Choose a style and stick to it

Some people love a minimal look, others want an eclectic space or prefer a classical style. Every style has its distinctive traits. Having a clear idea of the type of bathroom that you want is the most effective way of realizing a room that is both beautiful and functional. Choosing a style that reflects who you are is the first step towards creating an environment that you’ll never grow tired of.

2 – Maximize your space

A stylish bathroom isn’t just lovely to look at. It’s also a liveable, practical space. There never seem to be enough drawers, cabinets, ledges and shelves. If you have well-designed and positioned storage spaces for creams, make-up and towels, your bathroom will always be tidy.

3 – Bathtub or shower? It’s a personal thing

Some people would rather take a quick shower first thing in the morning in order to get out the door and on with the day. Others prefer a long, relaxing soak in the bathtub in the evening.
When choosing bathroom elements, consider a walk-in shower partially enclosed in transparent or frosted glass or a trendy freestanding bathtub. The latter, as its name reveals, is a stand-alone element that doesn’t need to be installed against a wall or built into an enclosure.

4 – Don’t overlook the lighting

The proper bathroom lighting is essential, particularly if the room is small and even more so if it lacks windows. Freshening up in front of a well-lit mirror or stepping out of the shower into a space with a warm, comforting glow will transform your bathroom into your favourite room.
Therefore, it’s fundamental that you study the space to determine the ideal location for lights to ensure a well-illuminated bathroom.

5 – Choose natural materials

Bathrooms decorated in natural materials such as wood, stone and marble are the latest trend. This fashion has also extended to textiles. Linen and cotton are the go-to fabrics for convenience and style. Besides, towels and curtains are an excellent way of giving your bathroom a personal touch that can be changed every now and then. In fact, varying the textiles’ colours will give a new look to the bathroom with minimal effort.

Now we know how to design a stylish bathroom that’s also practical, a necessity in today’s world.


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